How to Customize Your Call Background with JOLT Phone App: Categories, Custom Backgrounds, and Contact-Specific Options

How to Customize Your Call Background with JOLT Phone App: Categories, Custom Backgrounds, and Contact-Specific Options

Explore the versatile call background customization options in the JOLT Phone app. Learn how to use categories, custom backgrounds, and contact-specific settings to personalize your calling experience like never before.

In the world of mobile communication, personalization is key to making your device truly yours. The JOLT Phone app takes personalization to the next level with its call background customization options. With three distinct features—Categories, Custom Backgrounds, and Assign to Contacts—you can create a unique and engaging calling experience. Let’s delve into these customization options and see how they can transform your call screen.

1. Categories

Imagine each call you make or receive having a fresh, exciting background. With the Categories feature, you can create different categories of images and videos that change dynamically with every call. This option allows you to set a variety of backgrounds based on themes, moods, or occasions, ensuring a visually stimulating experience every time.

  • How to Use Categories: Navigate to the call background settings in the JOLT Phone app, select 'Categories,' and start creating your personalized categories. Add images or videos to each category, and enjoy the dynamic change with every call.

2. Custom Backgrounds

If you have a specific image or video you love, why not set it as your call background? The Custom Background feature allows you to choose any image or video from your gallery and set it as the default background for all your calls. This option gives you the freedom to select a background that resonates with your personal style.

  • How to Set Custom Backgrounds: Go to the call background settings, select 'Custom Background,' and choose your desired image or video from your gallery. This background will now appear for all incoming and outgoing calls.

3. Assign to Contacts

For those who want an even more personalized touch, the Assign to Contacts feature is perfect. This option allows you to assign specific backgrounds to individual contacts. Whether it's a picture of your best friend, a special memory with a family member, or a professional logo for business contacts, you can make each call uniquely recognizable.

  • How to Assign Backgrounds to Contacts: In the contact settings of the JOLT Phone app, select a contact, then choose 'Assign Background.' Pick an image or video for that contact, and every call from them will display the assigned background.


The JOLT Phone app's call background customization options—Categories, Custom Backgrounds, and Assign to Contacts—offer a comprehensive way to personalize your calling experience. These features not only enhance the visual appeal of your calls but also add a personal touch that reflects your style and preferences. Explore these options today and make every call a unique experience.

"With JOLT Phone's call background customization, every call becomes a visual delight. It's personalization at its best, ensuring your phone reflects who you are." - Kaushal Patel


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